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 Riddel Mithardel

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PostSubject: Riddel Mithardel   29th September 2009, 3:55 am

Name: Riddel Mithardel

Age: 21

Race: Drakonarith. The Drakonarith are the royal blood line of Drakith. Her twin brother is Koan, the king. Drakonarith are humanoid dragons, that while in human form bear large dragon wings on their backs. When moonlight touches her skin she turns into a dragon, and this effect is only reversed when sunlight touches her.

Appearance: *Human(oid) form* Riddel is a slender girl of about 5'8". She has long straight iridescent black hair that shines a deep purple in certain lights. Her face is slender but her features are more on the sharp side. Her eyes are almond shaped and deep purple, the corners drawn back farther then elves, resembling reptilian eyes. The effect is there, but not enough to make her look strange, and makes her look attractive, not odd. Her pale skin is evidence that she avoids going outside, she prefers to stay inside and read. On the scrawny side, her legs and arms are very thing and long, and her fingers are the same. She is a delicate creature overall, and her appearance does nothing to hide that fact. She wears long dresses and skirts with tunics, most of which are deep purple or black.
*Dragon form* Riddel's dragon form is not as intimidating as some of the more intimidating Drakonarith's. On all fours she stands at about hip height: around three and a half feet. Her scales are black with the same purple sheen as her hair. Her neck is long and elegant and takes up most of that three and a half feet when on all fours. Her face is sharp and holds no resemblance to human or elf, only her eyes remain the same. Her claws are long and sharp, and most of her body in this form is muscular. She does not breath fire, but has a weak venom that infects any bite wound she gives. The venom does not kill, but makes the victim sleepy and their vision blurry. Those that have strong will power can still function normally while infected with this venom.
.In dragon form she struggles with basic instinct, i.e. kill, eat, survive, etc.

While she does excel in magic, she quickly becomes overwhelmed in close combat situations. But her reading habits and nature don't make her lazy by any means, and she often over works herself in magic training.

Personality: She is quite a reserved girl, who generally keeps her mouth shut unless spoken too. She will voice her opinion no matter the situation if she feels strongly about something. Loyal to a fault, if someone she cares about is in any sort of danger she will protect them at all costs without hesitation. By nature she is trusting and gullible, but once that trust is broken she will bear a grudge until the one in question apologize (and means it =). Optimistic and cheerful, she is one of those people that is often loved but is oblivious to that fact. She is easy to get along with and will try to solve every conflict around her. Often in her attempts to make peace between two parties, she ends up looking nosey but that is not her intent. A true introvert, a perfect day to her would be curling up with a good book or practicing magic. When she's right (or thinks she's right) about something, she's stubborn and will make sarcastic remarks about how the situation would have turned out differently she had been listened to.

Strengths and Weaknesses: In human form, she is extremely skilled in magic, especially elemental and healing magic. This is greatly contrasted by her physical abilities, which are pathetic to put it kindly. She has trouble lifting things more then 50 pounds, and the only type of weapon she can handle are rapiers and daggers. She mostly relies on her magic though. In dragon form she loses all of her magical capabilities except telepathy which she uses to communicate. Her physical prowess is what she has to rely on in this form. She is lightning fast and can cause a considerable amount of pain with her claws and fangs.

History: Raised in the castle, she has lead a sheltered life. Her brother has been overly protective of her, and so she is not very experienced in the ways outside of the castle. Her mother died long ago, and the only way she knows anything about her are the stories from the servants. Her father was a strict man who passed away four years ago. Koan since took the throne. Since then Riddel has focused her studies in magic, and has become quite advanced. Although she isn't well known at all, as Koan has kept her from the public eye.

Anything Else We Should Know: Nope =D
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Riddel Mithardel
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