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 Omni OnSlaught Hayato

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PostSubject: Omni OnSlaught Hayato   29th September 2009, 1:17 am

Name: Omni OnSlaught Hayato, "The Demon Reaper"

Age: 23 (24 November 2nd)

Race: Hybrid (Half Human/Half Demon)


Omni is currently 5 9" and has long black hair that comes down to his lower back. Has a medium build and his physique is athletic. Red eyes that are the color of blood, medium brown skin complexion and normally has a stoic, expressionless look on his face. Over his body, except his face, are various scars, scratches, and gashes, including those that has been stitched because of the extensive amount of battles he has been involved in. Also, he has a few tattoos. Upon his right arm, the Angel of Mercy, left arm, a Picture of the Angel of Death, "Vitae" Latin for life above his heart.


Born into this world by his father Omnis and his mother, Ayane, he was a very happy baby and had a good child-hood. Platinum hair and eyes of light brown, he was a cute baby and was adored by his parents. The Devil gene within his father eventually took over when Omni turned 7, he had been battling it for many years and his mother refused to let him go anywhere, even knowing what the most likely outcome would be. This spelt tragedy.
His mothers screams filled the air that day and he rushed outwards into the pouring rain, running barefoot through the mud and made it just in time to hear her iips mouth the words " I love you" before she was violently killed by her father, whose devil ways had taken over. Trained up until he was the age of 13, made to work hard from day to night practicing the OnSlaught way of combat and how to be a demon, how to hunt his own food and to prepare it. The day he thought he was strong enough, Omni attempted to kill Omnis but was unsuccessful and was caught in a avalanche and left for dead by his father.
About 30 minutes later, completely submerged in snow except for a few fingers, he was found by a passing Grandmaster of a Ninjutsu school and was taught the ways of an assassin', only being taken in because of the great energy he felt within Omni and the immense potential that he thought he would have. So he trained Omni up until about the age of 17, teaching him everything, how to control his inner energy, armed and unarmed fighitng techniques and everything that he could.
At the age of 17, Omni left and was followed and attempted to be assassinated by those from his clan, since nyou were suppose to be in it until death, and they would not help him find his Father Omnis. Well, after getting away and killed many followers he arrived in a new place, it had many mixtures of people. There, he was a mighty clan leader, was with many women and had much power,but he has grown from his arrogant ways and now has currently decided to inhabit this new land, and see where his strengths truly lie.


Strengths: Above normal Strength/Speed/Dexterity/Reflexes and Resistance due to being a demon. Though, his reaction time and speed are the main aspects, and thus only because of training and experience. Carries a two handed broadsword named the "Devil Reaver' with only one hand and wields it with masterful swordsmanship abilities. Also has the power to temporarily produce demonic portals for travel, as well as harness his inner energy. Semi-impermialbility to fire, can be severly weakened and hurt by it, but cannot die. Specializing in many forms of martial arts, also he is a skilled Blacksmith and Horseback rider.

Weaknesses: Suseptible to sickness and illness because he is a human, and takes the same amount of time ot recover from that. Even though he is a demon, he can be killed within the same ways a human can, but has a high resistance to magic and takes longer to bleedout from wounds. Because he is a devil, he has a huge weakness to any light/holy based attacks, or from "purified"/"Blessed"/Holy weapons; though not as big of a disadvantage since he is only half demon. Despite Omni's cocky nature, he is actually very insecure and doubts his ability often, pretending to be all that makes up for it immensely. Sometimes, to please someone he loves, he is careless in his actions, and also can be gullible when it comes to trusting at times.

Anything Else You Want to Add:

Omni has a second form called "Hell's Seraphim" by what he nicknamed it, this is his most powerful form, yet he is unconcious for about a week after using it, and cannot be in it for a period longer than twenty minutes. While he's in this form, Gains eight wings, the ability to use three of his deadliest weapons named "Grave, Misery, and Sorrow", has much more energy and can re-grow limbs that have been A part of Omni's sword lies within the blade, and thus he can easily find his sword at any time that it is missing, or summon it instantly through their blood connection via a demonic portal.

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PostSubject: Re: Omni OnSlaught Hayato   29th September 2009, 1:28 am


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Omni OnSlaught Hayato
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