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 Ranger: Kahran

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PostSubject: Ranger: Kahran   19th October 2010, 12:51 am



Race: Human

Appearance: Kahran is a ranger with a red-rugged beard and auburn colored hair. He has a mechanical glass eye from when he lost his real eye from being tortured by pirates.
He has two identical scars on the backs of both of his hands, also from torture. He wears a long, green, hooded, cloak, a long button up vest, and pirate boots. Both of his ears
Have triple piercings.

History: Kahran was raised on the small island of Telez off of the coast of Drakith. When he was 12, he was out working in his father's fields by himself. When he had returned home,
he saw that his mother and father and the rest of his family had been slaughtered by a group of marauding pirates. The pirates had not left yet and when they saw Kahran, they kidnapped
him and stole him onto their ship. There they tortured him and forced him into slave labor. After a few years being a pirate slave, Kahran had become very strong and very resourceful.
Despite his usefulness on the ship, the pirate captain, Gareth, decided to sell Kahran to a landowner in Firel. When Kahran objected to this, Gareth had his left eye plucked out. The
last thing Gareth ever said to Kahran was "one more word, and it'll be your tongue next time!" They had Gareth's head shaved, dressed in rags and bound in chains. He was sold to a
huntsman named Terrent, who immediately was impressed by Kharan's resourcefulness and strength. Terrent made Kharan his apprentice and when he had turned 21 he was released from his
indentures and he trained as a ranger. He awaits the day when fate will direct him to the path to Gareth, so that he may have his revenge upon him.

Strengths/Weakness: Kahran is very resourceful and is a good huntsman and ranger. His strengths are excellent swordplay and combat, tracking abilities and a strategic mind. He is a fast
thinker, but he is very impulsive and often jumps into battle without thinking things through, especially if his emotions get in the way, which they do. He was not educated in anything except
hunting and tracking, so any talk of archana, spells, or alchemy are completely lost on him.
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PostSubject: Re: Ranger: Kahran   19th October 2010, 12:54 am

approved! Very Happy


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Ranger: Kahran
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