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 The Covenant of the Thousand Sons

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PostSubject: The Covenant of the Thousand Sons   11th October 2009, 9:06 pm

a) The Covenant of the Thousand Sons
b) Vindicus Neral
c) Cylic Kloye
d) Faixi Risos
e) The Nightson

a) In long forgotten texts, or dangerous tomes in massive libraries of powerful lords, the cult is believed to have been around for centuries. However, as whoever says the cult is real is taken for a lunatic, the records are very sparse.
b) 35
c) 284
d) 83
e) Unknown

a) The cult accepts many different kinds of people into its ranks.
b) Human
c) Elf
d) Half-Elf
e) Unknown, but generally believed to be a human who has extended his life.

a) The individual members wear hooded black and blue tunics with yellow trim. The higher up in rank they are, the more armor they wear, which is black with gold trim. Cylic and Faixi are the only two who don’t wear black and blue tunics.
b) Vindicus is about 5’ 8” with short brown hair. He wears a metal breastplate and metal bracers and a black cloak. Belted to his waist are two short swords, and attached to his chest and the top of his forearms are throwing knives and daggers.
c) Cylic stands about 6’ 4” with long, dark red hair. She wears a dark red robe with dark blue trim. Over it, she has leather armor on her chest and leather bracers. She carries with her a long staff on top of which is a carved ferret with emerald eyes.
d) Faixi is about 5’ 10” with white hair. She wears an ornate black robe and no armor. She carries a walking stick of which the top is carved with a dragon out of metal. On her belt she carries a pistol.
e) As the leader of the Covenant, he keeps himself shrouded in darkness in a massive throne room. As such, no one knows what he really looks like.

Motivation: (why is s/he evil)
a) The cult sees the world as its plaything, for which to constantly tear down. Its ultimate goal is to gain power in each of the three kingdoms and make the world in their image.
b) Vindicus finds his race disgusting, with their corruption and constant wars and killing. He joined the cult to try and take over the kingdoms and gain power, so he could try and make humans without crime.
c) Cylic was orphaned as a young child, followed by a childhood of despair and pain. She now desires to take out her revenge on every living thing on the earth.
d) Faixi is a person who wants to destroy something just to see how it will fall. She uses her powers of mind control to see how the human mind slowly fails under constant psychic pressure – and to get bodyguards.

a) No one knows the cult’s exact origins, but it is suspected that it has been around for many hundreds of years. The Nightson is suspected to have started it originally, and is still living after all these years.
b) Vindicus was the son of a cobbler in the capital city of Grayen. At an early age, he was abused and disrespected, being only a lowly citizen. He withdrew into himself and became distant from everyone. At the age of 18, he was pressed into the army of Grayen for his citizen service to the kingdom. During that, he was subject to war and violence for what he saw as useless reasons. He abandoned the army under cover of night, after which he fell into the cult’s grasp.
c) Cylic’s childhood was of abuse. She grew up on the streets after her house was burned down by her abusive, drunk father, killing both her parents and her sister. On the streets of Grayen’s capital, she met Vindicus and the two became inseperable, depending on each other for survival, both physically and mentally. When Vindicus was forced into the army, Cylic got accepted into the cult and eventually helped Vindicus first escape from the army, then join alongside her.
d) Faixi grew up with malicious intent. As a child and teenager, she would catch small animals and kill them, just to see how much pain they could take before they died. She burned down an alchemist’s shop to see the multitude of colors and explosions because she thought it would be pretty. She was contacted by the cult, to which she joined without hesitation.

b) Vindicus is short and to the point, speaking often and in control of the situation. He often uses knives to intimidate and get his point across.
c) Cylic hates talking and usually lets Vindicus or others get the point across. At times she will assist, usually in the form of torture and pain.
d) Faixi almost never talks to people outside the cult and instead forms her words in the form of a psychic spell to control them.

a) The cult is spread across all of Aevalyn, with uncounted members in many smaller branches. All smaller branches have leaders that report to the Speakers of the Night, a 7 strong council who themselves report only to the Nightson.
b) Vindicus is skilled with knives and daggers especially, although in close quarters he will switch to his two short swords. He has developed a knack with throwing daggers up to a decent range. He usually leads with a dagger or two before closing with his swords.
c) Cylic is a sorcerer. Learning under the guild’s masters, she has started to become talented in controlling the magical energies of existence. However, she is more daring than most and intentionally doesn’t have full control over the magic, usually causing more devastation than is expected with small spells. Her main spells are:
a. Frost sphere, which acts like a fireball except it freezes opponents in place.
b. Immobilization.
c. Minor invisibility, dispelled when she attacks or is hit.
d. Polymorph, usually into a raven or a crow.
e. Flight.
f. Bolts of acid.
g. Blade Spirit, which causes magical blades to fly at the opponent.
h. Reanimate corpse.
i. As a final gambit, she can release the binds on the magical energies she controls, allowing them to rampage wildly in a explosion originating from her. This leaves her extremely weak though.
d) Faixi has the power to control minds and bend them to her will. She often has at least 4-5 people under her control as body guards, who have had their mind destroyed by her power. She also assaults minds she can’t control with psychic power. She also has a fair hand at illusions.

b) Vindicus has no magic powers to speak of. His emotional connection with Cylic has led them to do anything to protect the other. He relies on his powers of stealth and assassination, trying to avoid close combat when possible.
c) Cylic is not a fighter. She is agile and athletic, but she cannot weild a weapon besides her staff. She feels the same to Vindicus as he to her, and her hatred for almost every living thing will often lead her to be rash and make unwise decisions.
d) Faixi is frail. She relies on her speed to get away when necessary, but wears no armor and has no skill in combat. She protects herself with her puppets and psychic powers. She has no care in the world for anything, with the occasional exception of Vindicus and Cylic. As such, she often distances herself from everyone in the cult, and the other cultists regard with suspicion.

Anything else to add: I apologize that this was a lot. It was a lot for me to remember while I’m posting.
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The Covenant of the Thousand Sons
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