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 Races of Aevalyn

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PostSubject: Races of Aevalyn   28th September 2009, 9:32 pm

The main races of Aevalyn are humans and elves, but there are many many more besides those two. Any fantasy race is accepted, and if you want to make your own race that's fine too. Riddel, a character I will be using, is a made up race (Drakonarith). So, if you do decide to make up a race, just make sure you put information about it on your character sheet.

A note on elves: There are many different types of elf. If you do choose an elf, you can make it specific- a light elf, forest elf, moon elf, desert elf, dark elf, water elf, fire elf... Anything you can think of.
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Races of Aevalyn
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