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 Felix Yevan

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PostSubject: Felix Yevan   2nd October 2009, 8:14 pm

Name: Felix Yevan

Age: 19

Race: Halfling (not hobbit, more on d&d terms- so a very very tiny person)

Appearance: Felix is a young girl whose halfling blood is obvious. Only standing at about three and a half feet, her profession as a thief comes naturally. Her build is tiny, going beyond merely slim, allowing her access to small places humans and elves couldn't even hope to fit into. Her bright green eyes are normally covered by a pair of goggles that she is never seen without. Her hair is a tangled mess of red layers, and her bangs often fall into her face, much to her annoyance. Another trademark item of hers, besides the goggles, is her vest. Complaining how human clothes never has enough- she made herself a vest almost entirely composed of pockets. Inside her pockets can be found many items from her travels, from hair pins to keys to rocks she particularly liked the shape of. A pair of beat up gloves rests on her tiny scrawny fingers, the fingers cut off long ago because they interfered with her picking locks. Her shoes are as ratty as the rest of her, but she's at least tried to keep them together with random off colors of leather. Her ears are long and pointed, and each have three piercing on the lobe and the right has another up high in the cartilage, in which she always keeps a jeweled stud of her mother's. Overall, she could pass for a young starved human child, and has done so in many occasions, but upon closer inspection one could see that see has adult features, merely tinier.

Personality: Felix has a short temper and a quick wit. Living on the streets as long as she's had has taught her to sharpen her already sharp mind and her reflexes are astounding. She thinks quickly, but often makes poor decisions because of it. She takes pride in her thievery, and often brags about it when she's had too much too drink (which is barely anything compared to the other races. A single mug could her have passed out cold.) She steals compulsively, often without realizing she's even doing it; but it subtle enough to get away with it. She'd do almost anything for treasure, except kill. She does have morals, they just aren't as much of a priority to her as gold or anything sparkly. She often jumps from one topic to another, but when she sits down and actually applies herself, she can be quite an asset as she can see holes in plans or think about things differently to get and edge.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Her strengths are mostly due to her size. She is fast, tiny, and exceedingly flexible. She can bend herself in all sorts of strange contortions, and is an expert thief. She can steal stuff out of your pockets while you're talking to her kind of thief. Even when dealing with other thieves she's still one of the absolute best when it comes to what she does. Her weaknesses are abundant though, and due to her size once more. She is very fragile, and can be hurt or killed very easily. She also is extremely impulsive, which puts her into situations where the aforementioned hurting happens. Also, although not completed mesmerized by it, things that glitter have quite a sway over her. She wouldn't betray a whole group for something shiny, but if you had crossed her earlier she might think twice about it.

History: Felix grew up in a loving home where her parents tried to keep her on the straight and narrow path of 'good' and 'well behaved'. She was never one for dresses though, and much preferred romping around outside, collecting bugs, leaves, and rocks. In an attempt to use her energy, her parents bought a personal trainer for Felix, to teach her to perform in a royal setting. Such as flame throwing, magic, (slight of hand kind, she knows no actual magic), and this is where she learned how to bend herself in such strange positions. Even her trainer remarked that it seems like skeletal structure was only a suggestion in Felix's case. She eventually grew tired of this, surpassing her trainer in all that he had to teach her. (Because of this trainer, she learned to like the spotlight, and since then if any theft can be caught in the middle of a large crowd well.. she can't resist). She was taking a walk in the market one day when a pickpocket stole her gold, and that was what made her decide she wanted to be a thief. It left a strong emotional impact on her: it didn't matter how wrong it was, stuff happened. That quickly became one of her mottos. The first thing she ever stole was a pair of brown goggles, the lenses on it are what drew her to them. When they caught the light, she could see tiny rainbows reflected. They were hanging out of a bag and the actual theft was easy enough, but once she put on the goggles it was then she noticed they had magical properties. They greatly intensified whatever she was seeing, like a magnifying glass, and cut down on glare from bright lights and at the same time lightened up dark areas. These have aided her in many thefts, as no room is too bright or too dark for her. She has not a drop of racist in her blood, and steals equally from all. She grew up in Grayen.

Anything Else We Should Know: She will not steal something that isn't attractive to the eye, unless there is a promise of something better.
She is often called 'the bug' among thieving circles, and has taken to leaving a dead bug in the place of what she's stolen.


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PostSubject: Re: Felix Yevan   3rd October 2009, 2:03 am

haha, OMG!! I love that last part about Felix!!
My BFF and I have written this story (based on an already exsisting anime with all the characters) in which we input our own original characters. And she had written that about a character, well kind of close. haha!! XD That's just funny.
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Felix Yevan
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