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 ~Roleplaying in general~ (read first!)

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PostSubject: ~Roleplaying in general~ (read first!)   28th September 2009, 8:05 pm

Hello everyone! I'm going to try to explain roleplaying basics, but if anything is ever confusing don't hesitate to reply here or send me a pm =D

First things first, this roleplay will be in third person past tense. So, it'll look like this: "Max looked past the crowd" instead of "Max looks past the crowd" or "I looked past the crowd". Basically, what roleplaying here will be like is telling a story. No dice or statistics to go through, just your imagination.

What you want to do first is make up a character. This roleplay will be taking place in the land of 'Aevalyn', a fictional land from my imagination. It would help if you read up on the three basic kingdoms here http://dragonwing.lightbb.com/basic-information-read-first-f1/information-on-aevalyn-t1.htm . Your character will be an inhabitant of one of the kingdoms. Whether you come from a main town, side town, or little no name place in the middle of nowhere is completely up to you. =D

I also have a basic plot http://dragonwing.lightbb.com/basic-information-read-first-f1/basic-plot-t4.htm#4 , so keep that in mind when creating your character.

Some simple rules~

1) Never, under any circumstances, roleplay another character. Even if it's a simple "Matthew looked away when Max glared." If you are Matthew writing for Max, that's a no-no. If you are Max writing for Matthew, that's just as bad. There's nothing worse then logging on to see your character doing things that they would not be doing.

2) Killing other characters is NOT ok, unless you have his/her permission to. If you PM eachother and work it out, then by all means, kill away.

3) Try to keep cursing and random violence to a minimum.

4) Make sure your character isn't all powerful or can get out of every situation given to him. Some inner trials make for a fun character =D

5) Try not to spam the boards too much. Like, if you and one other person are the only ones online- it can be hard to catch up on 20 some odd posts back and forth. And plus, someone else may have wanted to reply to post 3, but it's too late now.

6) Be realistic! Yes, there might be dragons and elves and faeries running around, but that doesn't mean basic rules of logic don't apply. You most liekly wont be able to eavesdrop on a important conversation from the other side of a busy bar at night.

*7*) Make your character be unique! Mary Sues are characters that are perfect, flawless, and over all... not... creative. You don't want to be one of these ;3

*8*) If you have to say something that isn't what your character is doing (i.e., you need to ask if someone can see through the illusion you're casting..things like that) add ((Ooc: blah blah blah) at the end of your post. OOC= out of character.

*9*) Please remember to separate player knowledge and character knowledge. Player knowledge is what you, the roleplayer knows, where as character knowledge is what your character knows. Remember- just because you may know you are headed toward an ambush doesn't mean your character does.

That's all I can think of right now, for now, just try to have fun and like I said, don't hesitate to ask me questions. I've been roleplaying since I was about 10, so I have lots of experience doing this =3

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~Roleplaying in general~ (read first!)
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