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 Information on Aevalyn

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PostSubject: Information on Aevalyn   27th September 2009, 5:00 pm

Aevalyn is the continent on which this roleplay will be taking place. Your character will be from one of the following places, but not necessarily the main town. If you want to make a town or village in one of the kingdoms, be my guest. Just make sure it fits in, and it'll be fine.

Aevalyn is a huge continent on which the majority of people live. Elves, humans, dragons, halflings, gnomes, and many other species call this place home. To picture Aevalyn, think of a huge shield, the northernmost side wide and curved, thinning down to point in the south.

Drakith is located on the west side of Aevalyn, and is a very magically based kingdom. Most magic users come here for training. It is the second oldest kingdom, and is ruled by a royal blood line that was 'blessed' by dragons. Drakith is very old and very traditional, but most of all they are about doing things the proper way. You'll rarely see anyone from here act rashly or impulsively. The people of Drakith tend to stick to how things were done, as oppose to embracing new ideas.
The current ruler is Koan, a 21 year old boy who has kept Drakith out of any wars for all of his 4 years ruling.

Firel is the kingdom to the east. It is a technologically advanced kingdom, and machines are a normal aspect of every day life. Mechanical humans (robots =3 ) are present in the more wealthy homes. Firel is split into two main areas: the central one which is where most of the nobles call home, and the outskirts which are more poor and run down. Firel and Drakith are often at odds- Firel rejects most magic, and tries to make machines take the place of it, while Drakith disapproves of meddling with things that don't occur naturally.
The current ruler is elf named Kieran, a antisocial king who spends all of his days in the castle, trying to create beauty among machines. He has ruled for 20 or so years, and is coming to his fortieth birthday.

Grayen is a peaceful kingdom accepting all walks of life. It is the newest kingdom, and it is run mostly by the people. They choose members of a small council who then advise the king- who was also chosen by majority. The people of Grayen try to stay out of the bickering between Drakith and Firel, and has been known to welcome refugees from both.
The current ruler is Jeriko, who is the son of the previous ruler. He was just elected last month, and not much is known about him. His father was a kind and just ruler who was well loved. It is hoped that Jeriko can live up to his legacy.

Not much is known about Kismet. It is an Elven island to the north of Grayen, and no race beside full blood elves are allowed there. It is the oldest known kingdom.

There are also small islands on the coasts, home to wandering pirates and adventurers. Most of these islands have no names.

So, there are the main kingdoms of Aevalyn. If you have any questions about them, post here or pm me.
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Information on Aevalyn
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